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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Another Original Combiner: CELTRON

Have you ever notice most of the Foldabot combiners around, usually composes of mostly male units? Sometimes, there's only one female unit in that team. Manananggal from the Mitochrons, Alona from the Aquabots, Alita from the Mikrobots, Aura-San 3, Tusok from the Saurobots, Sisid from the Yelobots, Amihan(ator) from the Supremobots, Mothara from the Pestebots, and recently Violeta of the Sporticons, are the only examples of female units in any combiner.

Obviously, Foldabots is morely for boys and not for girls. But if you would imagine if you would see a girl doing this, then it would be this girl from my fanfic, "Foldabots MegaMix."
Cynthia Tetico (pronounced as SYNTH-ee-ah TEDDY-ko,) a teenage girl who has interests not only in singing, but also in the terms of collecting robot cut-outs from a magazine and build them... You already know what that is, guys...
Now, back to topic, the other reason for us not to have more than one female Bot in the pack is the designers don't usually make girl Foldabot or Lutabot designs. I, in the other hand, I made a few ladies like Lully, Pipit, Kindat, and Erotika. In my other original combiner, Bahaghari, there are two female units rather than one. But the biggest impact is I actually made a Foldabot combiner team that is made up of nothing but girls! That's right, girls. I also thought of "why not make a combiner out of different kinds of mobile phones?" And that's where I fused the two ideas together to make this one.

My concept arts for the "Celbots" and the one on the upper left is "Celtron"
The CELBOTS were named after the word cellphone--the group's alt forms. Each of the Celbots are capable of disguising as cellphones of any shape or size.

There are five Celbots forming CELTRON. And first on the list are BUKA, the flip-top cellphone, and DULAS, the slide-up cellphone.
The first two Celbots: Buka and Dulas. Notice Dulas' other parts are missing.
Both Buka and Dulas forms the legs of Celtron, Buka for the right leg, and Dulas for the left leg.

Next up, we got PINDOT, the cellphone with a keypad of a computer or in short, a "QWERTY" kind of phone.
Pindot is on the left side of the pattern sheet and I added Dulas' top part and Celtron's head piece in this one.
Pindot has a design similar to the ones from Komyutatron and Kontrolion. She forms both arms of Celtron.

Lastly, we have TURO, the iPhone, and Anli the bar-type phone that can use two SIM cards at the same time. Anli's name was based from the common term for unlimited text messaging known as 'unlitext.'
Turo and Anli are made almost the same way, except for the length variation.
Just like Bangga and Bunggo of the Komyutabots, they both form the torso of Celtron, the difference is Turo would form the lower part, while Anli forms the upper part.

If you want to build Celtron for your self, here's the instruction guide below.


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